Strong Man by Jimmy Strange

Description (English)

Merchant of Magic is proud to present the latest brain child of Jimmy Strange. Strongman is a new method for visually bending metal that is easy to do and super practical.

Metal bending is always best when it happens visually and slowly, it is undeniable. Still to this day, metal bending is one of the strongest most believable pieces of magic you can perform. There is something mesmerizing about watching cold hard steel bend and warp. It cannot be explained as sleight of hand or misdirection, it is more likely to be described as mind over matter or a supernatural phenomenon.. that’s what makes it so powerful.
Strongman by Jimmy Strange is a completely new concept in metal bending, a new type of gimmick that can be felt as solid yet can bend upon your command. No more needing to carry around extra props for impractical methods. Strongman can be used over and over again as it resets instantly and requires no set up, it is ready right out of the box.

With Strongman you will be able to show your spectators a solid nut and bolt, they can feel it and check it, it is solid, yet at any moment you can make the bolt bend as if it were made of rubber. You can even hold it and have your spectators rub the bolt and cause it to bend, they actually feel it melt with no effort whatsoever. It can then straighten back to its original state leaving your spectators dumbfounded and wondering if all they saw was actually real. Instantly the bolt is solid again, the spectators can feel this. All of this is done with NO SETUP AND NO SWITCHES.

You can use Strongman on its own but it is the perfect accompaniment to any metal bending routine.

Easy to perform
No setup
No switches
No temperature issues
Instant reset
Full routines taught on tuition download

Metal bending has a brand new string to its bow, here are what professionals all over the world are saying about Strongman:

“It is extremely rare that a new principle is created for magic, Jimmy has not only done this, but used it for an amazing effect. I will be carrying Strongman with me everywhere!”
– Marc Lavelle

“Offbeat, genius, and quality magic, created by a quality magician. Strongman is highly recommended”
– Kieron (Johnson) Lefever

“Since it’s first prototype development, I’ve been performing Strongman at all my close-up gigs. I can’t recommend this enough. That moment when the spectator bends the bolt with the tip of their finger is priceless..”
– Dominic Reyes

“Strongman is something truly magical, workable and mind blowing. Honestly felt childhood wonderment all over again, that doesn’t happen often.”
– Steve Rowe

“Let’s look at it this way. You hand a nut and bolt out for examination. You then take it back and WITHOUT switching it you bend it.. You can then fix it and hand it back out again with NO switches! Read that again, no switches! It just doesn’t get any better than this”
– Alan Rorrison


Q&A by Kyle Marlett → Watch the video

“It’s so powerfull” Spidey → Watch the review (and performance)

“It’s a very clever gimmick, and there is no switch.” David Penn (Note : 74%) & Sean Heydon (Note : 72%) → Watch the review

“Very well made gimmick.” Xeon Steel → Watch the review

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Description (Français)

Merchant of Magic est heureux de vous présenter Strongman qui est une nouvelle méthode pour tordre visuellement un boulon, c’est facile à faire et super pratique.

La torsion de métal est toujours meilleure quand elle est visuelle et lente. Cet effet est un des plus fort pour les spectateurs.
Strongman de Jimmy Strange est un nouveau concept, un nouvelle sorte de gimmick qui va vous permettre d’avoir un contrôle sur la torsion. Strongman peut être utilisé à n’importe quel moment et ne requiert aucune préparation. Prêt à l’emploi.

Avec Strongman, vous serez capable de montrer à vos spectateur une solide tige en fer. Ils peuvent la toucher et l’examiner, c’est solide, puis vous pouvez directement tordre cette tige.
Strongman fait tout le travail pour vous, pas de préparation, pas de changes.
Facile à faire
Pas de préparation
Pas de changes
Pas de contraintes de température
Vous pouvez refaire le tour immédiatement


Critiques :

Q&A by Kyle Marlett → Voir la video

“Un effet très puissant pour vos spectateur” Spidey → Voir la critique (avec la démo)

“Une gimmick très intelligent, il n’y a aucun change.” David Penn (Note : 74%) & Sean Heydon (Note : 72%) → Voir la critique

“Un très bon gimmick.” Xeon Steel → Voir la critique

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